Jason Mitchell, The Chi actor who was fired after being accused of sexual misconduct by a fellow costar, sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club, where he denied the allegations against him.

But some feel that Mitchell should have maintained his silence, as his answers appeared to make him look more guilty.

 Mitchell claimed that "there actually was no situation with Tiffany" and that Boone was "put in a position" because Floyd Davis made a statement on her behalf.

"She had a lot to say, but she was the only person that ever made a statement at all," he said.

"The actual reason that I got let go was because Disney saw what was going on with Desperados, and they just bought Showtime, so they decided not to pick up my option," he said of his firing from the Netflix project. "I've been on the show for what was about to be three seasons. I was nominated for an award, so you know, I was asking for money and all these different sorts of things, and they just weren't down to do it."

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