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Twitter Reacts To Fat Joe Telling Ashanti Irv Gotti Wanted J.Lo On Hit Song 'What's Luv'

One of Ashanti's biggest hits was single "What's Luv?" featuring Fat Joe and Ja Rule -- but during a recent interview, Fat Joe revealed that Irv Gotti actually wanted J.Lo on the track "for the Latinos."

"Irv and Ja had called me, and they woke me up [at] like 3 in the morning, and they say, 'Yo, come down, we made a song for you.' I go to the studio, and it was like 4 in the morning. They played 'What's Luv?' and you on it. And they was telling me, 'Yo, this is for you and J. Lo. We want the Latinos on this."

"What?" she mouthed.

"That's a fact," Fat Joe replied before Ashanti revealed that she never knew that.

"I was like, yo, J. Lo? She [Ashanti] sound amazing on here," Joe continued. "I was like, 'Nah, we leaving her there.'"

Here's how Twitter reacted: