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Doja Cat set Twitter alight this week when she released her aptly named video, "Juicy," featuring Tyga.

Doja Cat's videos are always a visual delight, and her last video "Mooo" went viral, but in this video, Doja is dressed up as several different fruits as she shows off her all-natural curves.

"He like the Doja with the Cat, yeah/ He like it thick, he like it fat, yeah

Like to keep him wanting more/ He ask me, "Doja, where you at, huh?"/ And all them niggas wanna know/ How long it take to pull my pants up, mmh, mmh, mmh/ Broke a fingernail and then some, mmh/ Tryna squeeze into my True Religion denim, mmh, mmh, mmh/ Celibate, don't want a cellulite/ I don't buy it, where the cellulite?/ He said the body unbelievable, can't trust a big butt and a Gemini," she raps on the track.

And viewers responded to the video exactly as they should - with complete and utter thirst!