Charlamange Tha God trended online yesterday after he gifted DJ Envy a lifelike mold of his booty - and also his balls.

Charlamange handed Envy the box on their first day back following the holidays.

"It's no secret that Envy flirts with me constantly on this radio [show]," Charlamagne says as Envy unwraps his gift. "He constantly flirts with me. I tried to get to this to him before the holidays 'cause I know he missed me over the past few weeks."

When Envy eventually opened the box, he was shocked to see the mold, but immediately grabbed it, picked it up and lay it on the table so that everybody in the room, including the cameras, could get a good look!

"Is this balls? Is that your balls?," Envy asked Charlamagne. "If you want 'em to be," Charlamagne replied. "What do you want them to be? Use your imagination, young man."

Here are some responses to Charlamagne's hilarious prank: