The trailer for 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' recently aired and Twitter mocked Khloe Kardashian's weeping plea to keep her business private as the cameras rolled on.

Somehow, even though it just happened, the Jordyn Woods scandal is front and center of the new series - with Khloe milking it for everything she can.

"It just sucks that it has to be so public. I’m not just a TV show. This is my life. My family was ruined!" she sobs. We understand that sometimes even reality television stars need some privacy. We highly suggest the family sends the production team away during those moments so that it's possible.

Word is, Kylie Jenner dipped out on filming after the scandal surrounding her bestie broke out, per Cosmopolitan.

“She was very upset about the situation with Jordyn and also just didn’t want to deal with it and have to address it.”

The upcoming series appears to be a rebuttal to Jordyn Woods' 'Red Table Talk' an attempt to sway the public's opinion and tun everybody against Jordyn.

Check it out.