Justin Bieber is preparing to get married for the second time to his wife, Hailey Baldwin. The couple's official wedding is going down in just a few days over in South Carolina! At least that's what TMZ is out here reporting—and considering Justin and Hailey were spotted there as recently as August, that adds up.

And he's currently in the midst of his "bachelor party weekend."

Yesterday, Justin went to the skate park, to hang out with some of his friends and as soon as the pictures of the pop star leaked - Twitter started buzzing.

Many on social media are saying that Justin looks like a drug user in the pics. Some are even pointing out that Justin's face is covered with acne - which they refer to as "crack"-ne. Heavy drug users, typically users of cocaine and methamphetamine, often get acne as a side effect of the drug use.

Justin and his team have consistently denied that the pop star uses any drugs. But that isn't stopping the folks on Twitter from speculating.

Here are the pics that are causing Justin to go viral:

 TMZ reports that guests at the Montage Palmetto Bluff hotel—where the wedding is taking place—are super pissed (actually, "livid") because the ceremony is killing their vacation vibes.

Apparently, some major areas of the hotel are being completely "closed off from hotel guests," and the hotel informed everyone of this inconvenience pretty last minute. TMZ obtained an email from The Montage Palmetto Bluff to guests sent on Wednesday, which bans them from using the spa, as well as a pool and one of the hotel restaurants, for a full 48 hours (noon Sunday to noon Tuesday) during the Bieber/Baldwin wedding extravaganza.