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BREAKING NEWS: Twitter Thots Are Upset With NEW TREND . . . Men Started A NEW MOVEMENT . . . To Ignore Thirst Trap Posts!! (PICS)


Men on social media are tired of getting called out for falling for the "thirst traps" and have implemented a hilarious new boycott - its called the ANTI THIRST TRAP movement.

According to multiple people online, they troll women who post “sexy” pics online – hoping to gain followers and comments.

If you aren't already hip - a "thirst trap" is defined as being a sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction."

During an interview with Vice, one Instagram "thirst trap veteran" explained why she posts pictures of herself online in nothing but her undies:

"What do I get out of doing it? A lot of likes on Instagram. When I post a photo, of course, it's for attention. You don't come around to that type of thing if you're not looking for attention. And attention feels good. I don't know how else I'm supposed to break that down.

But it's not only the women who are out here trappin' for likes. Men are also frequent offenders. Not too long ago, the hashtag #EggplantFriday became a staple on Instagram drawing in admirers from across the globe - with men posting themselves wearing revealing garments - most notably the beloved grey sweatpants! West coast rapper, The Game and Hustle Gang's B.O.B. being a couple of the higher profile culprits!


For the time being, the men are out for revenge, so beware of the ANTI THIRST TRAP movement trolls, they are taking no prisoners!

Check some of their trolling efforts out below! The Twitter Thots are not amused one bit!