Twitter Founder Is Dating A BLACK Woman . . . That's HALF His Age!!!

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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is dating a Black women, Raven Lyn Corneil, a Sports Illustrated model nearly half his age.

The 41-year-old tech founder has an estimated net worth of $5.9 billion was spotted with 23-year-old Corneil at the Harper's Bazaar Icons event earlier this month during New York Fashion Week. That's the same event that Cardi ran down on Nicki at.

And the relationship has been confirmed by The NY Post's Page Six

Here are pics of Raven:


And here's a pic of them together:


Reports say that:

Dorsey also had a four-year on-again, off-again relationship with artist and popcorn-maker Kate Greer, who later moved on to his foe, Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Fenton.” By “popcorn-maker,” they mean Greer helped start a kernel company called Cheerie Lane Popcorn, and by “foe,” they mean venture-capitalist Fenton left Twitter’s board of directors in May 2017 (and also dated Dorsey’s ex-girlfriend). Less is known of the dating life of Corneil, who’s 23.