Comedian Gary Owen felt the wrath of Twitter after he posted a joke on the social media platform where he mocked the usage of the 'n-word' by non-Blacks.

“If Portland’s coach could say the N word that was the perfect time. This N word just hit that shit. WOW” he tweeted.


But Owen, who often gets a pass for racially insensitive jokes because he is married to a Black woman and has biracial children - did not get a pass for this one.

Owen has starred in several successful Black movies including 'Think Like A Man', 'Held Up,' 'Ride Along', 'Meet The Blacks', 'The Little Man' and 'The Wayans Bros.' television series.

But Twitter was quick to shut him down:

"Y'all still acting like Blackness is sexually transmitted and giving Gary Owens a pass. Can't relate," one user wrote.

"Gary Owens been masking racism with jokes and fetishes for black women for years in all honesty, but you know how that go tho," another tweeted.

Here are some more reactions to his tweet:

Is he too comfortable?