Twitter Flames DJ Boof Over Fabolous Verzuz Jadakiss Battle!!

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Monday night was the night of the hotly anticipated Fabolous Verzuz Jadakiss battle -- and although it was an epic night, Twitter is blaming Boof for costing Fab the win.

Fans expected Fab to bring DJ Clue as his DJ, but even though Clue was in the building, Boof had Fab's back that night -- or did he?

Viewers could not understand why Fab held back playing many of his hits -- especially in the second round. At one point Fab can be heard telling Fab that he "doesn't want to play that one" -- so it seems as if Boof decided to take over Fab's battle.

Towards the end, Fab sat at the back in the corner looking resigned. A couple of times in the battle, Boof approached the cameras to show off his dancing and his rap skills and Twitter was furious at the DJ for making the night about himself.

Here are just a few responses: