Twitter Drags Terry Crews Over COON Acronym!!

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Terry Crews is once again being dragged by Twitter after he posted an acronym for the word "Coon."

Crews has been called the word often by Black Twitter for his inflammatory remarks about Black Lives Matter and Black Supremacy (which really is not a thing.)

Crews tweeted, "CONQUER OUR OWN NEGATIVITY" -- but nobody was asking for an acronym for the word, and it's unlikely that anyone will be using it either.

Earlier this month, Crews sat down with CNN's Don Lemon to discuss his feeling about the BLM movement.

"There are some very, very militant-type forces in Black Lives Matter," Crews told Lemon at the time. "What I was issuing [in his June 30 tweet] was a warning ... When you issue a warning, and a warning is seen as detrimental, how can you ever, ever have checks and balances?"

He also said, "Other Black people who are talking about working with other whites and other races, they're being viewed as sellouts or called Uncle Toms. You start to understand that you are now being controlled. You're not being treated as loved, you're actually being controlled."