Twitter Drags Rick Ross Over Resurfaced 'Signed' Clip

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Twitter is turning on Rick Ross after a resurfaced clip from his reality television show, SIGNED, has gone viral.

In the clip, Just Brittany and Georgia singer Kayia both perform a song, over the same beat. Kayia's vocals are obviously stronger, while Just Brittany uses her sexuality to get Ross's attention -- and it pays off. Ross all but ignores Kaiya while telling Just Brittany that her "future is bright."

 "You have a unique voice and Brit did sound better than yours. Every time you present your music, you better be a superstar," he is seen telling Kaiya.

"My song is original. I wrote it myself. Brittany used the same exact melody and the same ad-libs. You didn't change anything," Kaiya said. "I think he was so blinded by the butt that he wasn't paying attention like that."


Rozay is being accused of being problematic, a misogynist and viewers of the clip think that colorism also played a part in his decision.

Take a look below.