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Basketball Wives viewers have come to the defense of Jackie Christie after she was thrown under the bus during a recent conflict, which involved Malaysia Pargo.

In the episode Jackie was accused of stirring the pot, which viewers feel she did not actually do this time. Jackie was also accused of talking about Malaysia's children, but it didn't appear that she did that either. The conflict then heated up and as Malaysia struggled to get to Jackie ( as security was in the way) Feby and Jackie got into a near brawl as Evelyn tried to get Malaysia answers.

But BBW viewers have Jackie's back this time! They are instead pointing the finger at Evelyn!

Back in April, Jackie made an announcement via her Instagram that she would be leaving the series. In the video, she smiled sweetly into the camera asking fans whether they would continue to watch before wishing them luck if they do?

The post is captioned:

"Awe it's been fun bbw8 saying bye to all the girls 1by1 😍😂 y'all continue to support them"

Could this be the reason why?