Twitter is comparing Malik Yoba to disgraced singer R. Kelly after his epic meltdown during an interview with The Root.

When pressed about the uncorroborated allegations against him that he solicited underage transgender prostitutes as young as 13 years old, Yoba, tried to dance around what he called "loaded questions." Eventually Malik got upset during the interview, cursed at the interviewer and even threw equipment around the studio.

Mariah Ebony Lopez, the trans-woman who accused Malik Yoba of allegedly assaulting her wrote the following in a Facebook post:

"I started seeing him personally, with my own two eyes, cruising around the meatpacking district and Village, large black Jeep, looking for Trans fem sex workers, he preferred black trans girls; pretty, slim girls, but would pick up a latinx if she was put together and/or looked mixed," she recalled.

She claimed he allegedly paid her for sex when she was 13 and 16. Lopez also claims that she was not the only child trans prostitute that he solicited. Malik and his reps "categorically deny" that he ever paid for underage sex, or that he ever abused any minors.

Twitter feels that Yoba and R. Kelly have some things in common: