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Twitter Accuses Comedian DL Hughley Of 'FAKE' Illness For CLOUT!! (Details)


There is a growing conspiracy theory on social media, that comedian DL Hugely faked a serious illness on stage, all for clout.

MTO News researched hundreds of social media posts, which made the "conspiracy" claim. While we don't necessarily believe the theory, many on social media do - and the number of believers is growing quickly.

So we decided to break down what people are saying - how they can possibly believe that DL is faking it. Here is the theory.

First, many find it suspicious that DL - who has been a proponent of social distancing - would agree to do a show with no mask, not much social distancing, and a majority of the audience not wearing masks.

Second, many find it a bit too much of a coincidence that a camera is conveniently filming at the exact point when he passes out. The full show has more almost an hour.

Third, the security guard runs up just before he falls. Almost as if it was rehearsed. (Note - DL's head did appear to hither ground hard (which tends to disprove this point).

Fourth, less than an hour after the video is released, controversial internet journalist DJ Vlad has the first person to update DL's fans about his health. An internet celebrity talked with DL when nobody in his family has talked about it or released statements on DL's behalf.

And finally, less than 24 hours later, DL is diagnosed with Covid-19 and is up and at' em and is being released from the hospital.