Twitter Clowns Trump For Being Unable To Stand Still For Memorial Day Service

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Twitter had a plethora of jokes at the expense of President Donald Trump during his appearance at the Memorial Day appearance at Arlington National Cemetery -- he appeared to have trouble standing still to pay his respects.

For weeks, there have been questions raised about Trump's mental health as well as his physical appearance. Many Trump staffers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Trump has denied being ill and says that his tests for the virus have been negative, but Twitter is not convinced.

"Trump seems to be having difficulty standing still (at attention) at wreath laying ceremony. Is something wrong with him ?" one Twitter user wrote.

Another tweeted, " are you watching Trump at the Memorial Day Ceremony. Was having issues standing still during the ceremony to stand still? He seemed to have issues with his hands and lack of balance."

Take a look at the clips below. Is he ok?