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Twitter Clowns Rubi Rose After Youtube Star DDG Refuses To Claim Her!!

Rubi Rose is trending on Twitter early Monday morning, after a video of her trying to get Youtube star DDG to claim her went viral.

In the clip, Rubi speaks to the camera as DDG appears to lay on her lap. She calls him "bae" repeatedly and several times, asks him to confirm that they are together.

"Quit playing with us. Bae, tell them stop playing with us. Stop. The f*ck is wrong with y'all? You know this is my n*gga, bro. Bae, tell them," she says.

He says nothing.

He later claimed that he is single, further humiliating the rapper.

The clip has already spawned a slew of memes on Twitter. It's obvious that the pair have some kind of dealings with each other -- but this entanglement seems as though it means more to Rubi Rose than it does to DDG.

Check out some of the savage responses to the video on Twitter.