R&B singer Summer Walker is being called a "witch" on Twitter, and it's really taking off. Today #SummerIsAWitch was the #1 trending topic in the world for nearly an hour.

Summer Walker exploded onto the music scene last year, and her album - which was released in January, has already sold millions of units. 

But her rise to prominence has not gone smoothly.

Over the last few months, Summer has had a series of run-ins with fans, where most recently some of them accused her of being aloof during a post-concert meet and greet and went as far as calling the event "a scam." 

Summer responded to her critics and said that she needed to keep some distance between herself and the fans because she's "an empath" and absorbing everyone's energy would kill her.

And yesterday the R&B songstress decided to create some more distance between herself and the fans. She canceled her tour and said she has "anxiety."

Last night though, the singer gave fans a glimpse of her life at home - and showed off her "altar."

Immediately fans of the singer began calling her "a witch," and claiming that Summer gained her popularity by using some sort of Black magic spell.

Here's her altar:


And here's what people are saying about her: