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Kodak Black was arrested at the Canadian border, allegedly carrying guns and weed. Now Twitter seems to think that it was rapper TI, who tipped off the border patrol about Kodak's whereabouts - and got him arrested.

The TI 'Snitch' theory - which hasn't been proven with facts - is growing on Twitter and other social media platforms. If you search the social media site, you'll find thousands of people peddling the conspiracy theory.

Here are a few tweets:

Kodak and TI started beefing when TI called out Kodak for talking disrespectfully about Lauren London, the widow of slain rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle.

Kodak tried to shoot his shot at Nipsey's widow, just 72 hours after Nipsey was killed.

TI confronted Kodak on social media, and the two rappers started a back and forth war of words.

On Monday, Kodak took things to a whole other level by creating a diss track against TI - where he called TI's wife "ugly" and said that TI's sons were "f*gg*ts."

He also called Ti a "snitch" in the song - possibly leading to this new "snitch" conspiracy theory.

Kodak was released from jail yesterday, and did not comment on the TI "snitch" rumors.

Here's video of him being released from jail - walking alongside a bail bondsman. Kodak used a bunch of money to hide his face from the cameras.