Twitter Claims That Nick Cannon Has Been 'Buck Broken' After Latest Tweet!!


Nick Cannon is a changed man - ever since he made allegedly anti-semitic comments on his podcast. As MTO News reported, Nick lost jobs, money, and now some on social media are saying that he also lost "his masculinity."

Nick has been on an apology tour, with the Jewish community and his Instagram page has now become filled with pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli content.

And while many see the "new" Nick as a new man, others are calling him "buck broken" for completely going back on his previous positions.

"Buck breaking" is an inhumane practice commonly used by slave owners against rebellious male slaves. The owner would "break" the defiant male slave - in the most horrifying manner - and force him to submit.

 In "buck breaking," the African male slave would be forced to lower his pants and bend forward over a tree stump [or a similar protrusion] with his buttocks propped up in the air. The American slave master, and/or someone he’d appoint to carry out the inhumane act, would brutally rape the slave.

Many African American scholars believe that "buck breaking" still occurs today. While rebellious Black men are no longer raped literally - their masculinity are taken in other ways.

Here's Nick's Tweet:

Here are the responses on Twitter: