One of the characters on Love & Hip Hop - Pooh Hicks - is being accused of being a transgender, and hiding her identity by people on social media.

The rumors surrounding Pooh, who claims to be a cis female, started last month - when her rival Karli Redd took to social media, and accused her of being trans.

Karli started the gossip mill going when she leaked a very graphic picture of a transgender, showing her frank and beans, and claimed it was Pooh in the pic. The pic was subsequently removed from the internet at Pooh's request, causing many to wonder if the picture was a "real" picture of Pooh.

But Pooh spoke out after the NSFW picture was leaked, and denied that she's trans, saying:

“This picture is truly offensive. I am not a transgender but a proud black woman that has birthed 3 beautiful Kids. It is truly distasteful how one can joke about the thought of someone being a transgender. I am a supporter of the LGBTQ community also have many friends that come from all walks of life. Shame on you!”

Unfortunately Twitter still thinks that Pooh is trans. Here are some recent comments about the Love & Hip Hop star: