A1 Bentley, one of the stars of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, is being called a trans-person by thousands of people on social media.

The eccentric record producer recently revealed his new look - and it has folks wondering whether he has a new gender identity.

In the image, that has already gone viral, A1 Bentley is wearing a female lace front wig. He's also wearing women's Gucci sunglasses. And of course, he was wearing nail polish.

Here's the pic that has people talking:

A1 Bentley is currently married to R&B singer Lyrica Anderson. The two split up earlier this year after rumors of A1 cheating leaked onto social media.

But the two also have an infant child together - so Lyrica eventually took her husband back.

The real question is - did she get back her "husband" or does she now have a "wife?"

Here are some of the comments from Lyrica's fans:

Ok Bentliana 💅🏿 come thru with the Carol Brady wig

Not with that trump hair

Idk how tf you married with a kid

Boy take yo mama wig off 😂😂😂

aunty is that you? 😂😂😂

A1's estranged wife, Lyrica, earlier this summer suggested that her husband has been stealing and wearing her wigs.


The R&B songstress released pics showing herself wearing a short blonde wig. Lyrica is claiming that her estranged husband A1 stole - and is now currently wearing that very same wig.

A1 is known for having long dreads that he's been growing since he was a teenager. But recently he decided to take the big chop. And after he chopped - he permed and chemically straightened his hair.