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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been feeling the heat as many Twitter users are calling for the platform to remove Nazis and far-right white supremacists/nationalists from the site.

Jack sat down with Rolling Stone to address the Nazi issue:

"...[The topics of] abuse and our policies have been much more pronounced recently. And it comes in the form of categorizing people as Nazis and wanting them removed. People are definitely not satisfied with our progress there. It’s not as simple as what the reply would indicate, but it is work that needs to be done," he said.

But he also added that somebody who identifies themselves as a white nationalist can be removed from the platform without making threats:

"...If they align themselves with a violent extremist group, like the American Nazi Party, we suspend their account. There are not self-professed Nazis. If you can show them, I would love to see them, and figure out why we haven’t taken action on them, but…

"A lot of the calls for “remove the Nazis” are also due to the fact our enforcement operates on reporting. A lot of people don’t report. They see things, but it’s easier to tweet out “get rid of the Nazis” than to report it. We need to be more proactive, but a lot of it has to do with the friction of everything relying on it being reported in the first place. Two years ago, you could only report it if you were the direct recipient of either a reply or a threat, or some abusive behavior. Whereas today, you can be a bystander and report it," he added.

Twitter users were unimpressed with his responses:

Read the full interview here.