Twitter Cancels Trina After She Slams Black Protestors As 'Animals'


Trina is the latest celebrity to be "canceled" by Twitter after she slammed Atlanta protestors calling then "animals" and said the current curfew should be moved forward so that the stores owned by her friends can be protected.


Twitter was in disbelief as, during her radio show with Trick Daddy, she ranted about how the protests were inconveniencing her life and the lives of her loved ones.

Trick Daddy attempted to explain to Trina why people are frustrated and rioting, but Trina was uninterested.

"It's always personal with you," Trick told her after the moaned about the protestors attacking one of her friend's stores -- despite admitting that her friend's store was insured.

Trick was blown away -- and Twitter was also shocked to hear Trina's callous response, she did not express any sympathy or empathy for the racial injustices against minorities.

Twitter says they're over Trina.

Here's what listeners had to say below.