Twitter Cancels Shaun King AGAIN -- Says He's A Fraud & A White Man!!

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Twitter has once again canceled activist Shaun King, accusing him of being a fraud and a con man.

The newest cancelation comes as Daily Beast published a lengthy article about King, detailing his alleged scams -- along with input from several of his former employees.

"Shaun King Keeps Raising Money, and Questions About Where It Goes," the article was titled.

"The #ShaunKingLetMeDown hashtag, a recurring Twitter trending topic, is often used to tag threads that enumerate the issues with the many projects King has launched, fundraised for, then abruptly shut down before completion. The list includes a 2011 fundraiser to climb mountains, abandoned four days into training, per King's own book; a 2014 fundraiser for King's Life Goals University; and a crowdsourced fund paying for tips leading to the identification of neo-Nazis," the article reads in part.

Questions regarding King's fundraising have been raised time and time again -- and King's racial identity has often been heavily speculated -- many saying that he is a white man.

Twitter is urging the public not to donate to his fundraising efforts.