Earlier this week, tennis superstar Serena Williams announced that she would be donating all the prize money she earns from the Australian Open to help stop the wildfires.

And you would think that she'd be going viral on Twitter because of this incredibly generous and charitable move.

NOOOOO . .. instead the haters on Twitter have her trending for a much less flattering reason.

Now admittedly, Serena stepped out yesterday in Australia wearing a very bizarre outfit. She had on a blue sweatsuit, a head wrap and some veery colorful sunglasses.

But Serena wasn't trashed on Twitter just for fashion choice. Instead, the haters went further and said, she looked like a male-to-female trans person.

Here are the images that are causing all the controversy:




And before you go crazy about how Serena looks. Remember, she just got off a 16-hour flight from the United States. So it should come as a surprise to no one, that Serena was not ready for her glamour shot after the flight. 

Additionally, there is very disturbing and racist trend occurring on social media where black women are constantly attacked and debased with respect to their physical features.  

In fact, very recently a Twitter user compared the features of the singers, Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor, two beautiful Black women, to that of a rottweiler. These vile attacks against black women are sadly not new and perhaps the current attack on Serena belongs in the same category.