Twitter Calls B. Simone Transphobic As Old Audio Resurfaces Online


Comedian B. Simone is being slammed by Twitter as transphobic after old audio surfaced of her using transphobic slurs.

During a 2017 episode of the Whoreible Decisions podcast, Simone talked about some of the pitfalls of dating in Atlanta. According to B. Simone, -- people needed to take care because "you been done swiped up on a tr*nny and you won't know until you're in the bedroom with 'em." 

She later continued, "I have nothing against the LGBT, lettuce, bacon, tomato community, but I love all y'all. One of my best friends is a tr*nny but she's honest and open," after calling Atlanta a "mess."

The comedian recently sparked outrage after being accused of plagiarism by an influencer who accused B. Simone of using her works verbatim in her book. B. Simone swiftly apologized for misuse of the influencer's work before announcing a free webinar that covers plagiarism and copyright infringement.

She is yet to respond to the current backlash.