There's a weird rumor going around the internet today - that rapper Boosie got into fight with George Zimmerman.

Well Boosie has taken to his social media to clear up the false reports. 

Last night, news began to circulate that the rapper ran into George Zimmerman at a Walmart and the two got into a physical altercation. One report stated that the incident popped off in a Walmart parking lot in Miami when Boosie recognized Zimmerman as the "fat ass n*gga who killed Trayvon." 

The report was detailed - and it said that Zimmerman allegedly reached for a weapon and Boosie beat him so badly that Zimmerman was hospitalized. 

Well, it's all LIES. Here's Boosie refuting the reports:

"Hey, service announcement from Boosie. I never seen George [Zimmerman] in my life, but on TV," Boosie began. "This is a lie. Leave me alone. I never seen George Zimmerman in my life. George don't know me. Talking 'bout I did something to him in Walmart. That is a lie."

As we know, George Zimmerman has been a public pariah since it was revealed he was behind the death of Trayvon Martin. Some people have even suggested that vigilante actions should be taken against him since he was acquitted of the crime in 2013. That thought process seemed to lead to reports surfacing this week stating that Boosie was arrested for attacking Zimmerman in a Walmart. 

"Lil Boosie apparently got into a very violent fight with George Zimmerman, Lil Boosie was in prison during the entire [Trayvon] Martin case but was informed about the trial by his manager who believed George Zimmerman 'Got Away with murdering a young innocent child' as he put it," one false report read. "This morning after seeing each other at Wal-Mart in Miami. Lil Boosie allegedly knocked Zimmerman 'out cold' and was rushed to a hospital after he began suffering a seizure."

Turns out, that was all a lie.