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Actress Gina Rodriguez is being body shamed today, after photos of her walking on the beach leaked, and people are criticizing her shape.

Gina - who stars in the show Jane The Virgin - can under fire a few months ago, when some believed that the Latina actress was purposely making anti-Black comments.

When Black Panther began the promotional run leading up to its 2018 release in the summer of 2017, Gina Rodriguez responded to the news by tweeting, “Marvel and DC are killing it in inclusion and women, but where are the Latinos?! Asking for a friend…”

That same year, during an interview with actress Yara Shahidi, the interviewer asked Yara Shahidi about how she felt about being a role model to black women. Before Shahidi could answer or the interviewer could finish his sentence, Rodriguez interrupted: “So many women.”

During a Porter roundtable discussion about pay equity and diversity in Hollywood with Ellen Pompeo, Gabrielle Union, and Emma Roberts, Rodriguez stated that Latinas were paid the lowest wages. “White women get paid more than black women,” she said. That's not true.

Gina has a lot of enemies on Twitter, and today they are letting her have it. One fan posted that Gina is "built like an iPhone X."