Twitter was left unimpressed with part 1. the season finale of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians,' which centered around the Tristan Thompson/ Jordyn Woods cheating scandal.

The Kardashians have been teasing the moment for quite some time, and the public has genuinely been unsympathetic towards Khloe Kardashian who attempted to turn the public against Jordyn unsuccessfully.

The episode focused entirely on the scandal, which saw Kylie Jenner appearing to take Jordyn's side, telling her sister's that Jordyn was innocent and that it was Tristan who came on to Jordyn. Kim is seen calling her sisters on four-way as they all gossiped over the breaking news. Khloe is annoyed that Jordyn did not apologize to her, but if Jordyn is innocent as she claimed she is - why should she have to offer up an apology?

Twitter expressed their views after watching the first of the finale.

Here are a few of the reactions: