Twitter Blasts Rapper Da Baby For Dumping Baby Mama For Caucasian Pop Starlet!!


Rapper Da Baby is now dating Caucasian pop rapper DaniLeigh. The couple was spotted out together on a date last night.

Here are pics of the date:

Twitter is reacting angrily to the images, because Da Baby was supposed to still be in a relationship with his baby's mother MeMe. The couple share two children together and have been together for almost a decade.


But rumors had been swirling about DaBaby and DaniLeigh. Just last month, she joined Chicago radio host Kendra G. on Instagram Live on Tuesday and during their conversation, she denied hooking up with DaBaby.


Well, now Da Babya's baby mama Meme is speaking out about the rumors.

"I really didn't come here to talk about what the f*ck y'all want me to talk about 'cause it ain't nothin' to talk about," MeMe said while on Instagram Live. "We're living our best life. We're living our best life! Ya heard me? Fa real, fa real. Mama been that. Mama gon' always be that. And I'm good. And y'all, uh uh."

Back in March, DaniLeigh and MeMe were involved in a back and forth on social media. MeMe called the rapper "obsessed" and tweeted, "Sis got me blocked, but word keeps getting back to me .. so hopefully the energy is the same in real life." The two haven't publicly engaged with one another since that time. 

Here's Meme's video: