Twitter Blasts R&B Singer SZA, For LYING Multiple Times!!


R&B Singer SZA is going viral this morning, after she was caught continuously lying - about small things, MTO News has learned.


It's a very bizarre scenario, which has many on Twitter wondering whether the R&B singer is a pathological liar.

MTO News confirmed that this week, SZA claimed that she's never owned a television in her life -  and the singer asked fans for advice on which one to buy.

It turns out she was lying.

Folks on IG pulled up an image of SZA exercising in her living room - and you can clearly see a TV in the background.


A few years ago, she was also caught doing something similar. SZA told her Twitter fans that she was "allergic" to most fruits and vegetables and so she couldn't be a vegan.

But in an interview a few months later, she talked about how much she loves fruits and vegetables.

And so Twitter wants to know...."Why the lies Sis?"