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R&B singer Ciara and her husband, NFL superstar Russell Wilson are trending this morning on Twitter, after Ciara released an awkward video of a date night with her husband.

The two were pictured sitting and having dinner, and trying to hold a conversation. And the video was cringeworthy. Twitter commenters are having a field day with the new video.

At one point Ciara puckers up to kiss Russell, but the quarterback doesn't realize - and leaves his beautiful wife hanging.

Then later in the video, the couple were having trouble hearing each other, and the conversation becomes well . . . tough to watch.

Here is the video:

Whatever you think about the video, there's no denying that Russell and Ciara love each other - and are in a very happy marriage.

And their marriage has been incredibl successful monetarily too. Russell is now the highest paid NFL player in history. And Ciara's in the midst of a successful relaunch of her music career.

Ciara has been making waves in the music industry ever since her debut album, Goodies, dropped in 2004. With five Grammy nods and one win under her belt to date, the singer-songwriter is equally known for her charitable work with multiple organizations, including her husband's Why Not You Foundation. She also launched her Beauty Marks Entertainment music label — "where Music intersects with Film, Fashion, Technology & Philanthropy" — in February 2019. Since kicking off his career in football with the Seattle Seahawks in 2012, Wilson has led the Emerald City's team to two Super Bowls, including its 2014 win against the Denver Broncos. According to, this champ became the highest-paid player in the league after signing a four-year, $140 million contract extension in April 2019.