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'Little Women: ATL' stars Minnie and Ms. Juicy used to be good friends, but since their relationship has soured, Minnie has spent an unhealthy amount of time worrying about her former friends - and Twitter think that she is obsessed. 

We have seen Minnie try to replicate Juicy's radio career and now she is also trying to follow in Minnie artist management footsteps - despite have absolutely no experience.

Minnie and Juicy's friendship took a nosedive after Juicy accused Minnie of faking her pregnancy to Pastor Troy - which she did. Despite Juicy suspected the pregnancy was false, she went ahead and threw Min a baby shower, where she was forced to admit to the ladies that it was all a lie.

Viewers think Minnie spends too much time thinking about Juicy:

Minnie should really find another storyline. Her trying to do everything that Ms. Juicy does it getting old, and fast!