Twitter Accuses Girl Of Murder - Left Drunk Best Friend To Die On Highway!! (Video)

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Imagine calling someone your best friend, but she leaves you in the middle of a busy highway at 3 am, drunk and helpless, to be run over and killed by a car.

Kathryn Scott and her best friend, Kela Smith, planned a day of chillin', drinkin', and smokin' while cruising the city. Kathryn's brother came along with the two ladies, he tagged along for fun.

Here's a video of Katherine explaining ing what she did what she did 

Then tragedy struck.

Kela drank way too much, and over the course of the day, became extremely drunk. At one point Kathryn recorded Kela in the passenger seat of the car, slumped over, knocked out, and uploaded the video to her IG story.

Then a few hours later - at 3 am- their car broke down in the middle of the highway. 

While waiting for assistance, Kela - who was extremely intoxicated - got into a heated argument with Kathryn's brother.

When their assistance arrives and offers to drive all three from their car, Kela insists she's not going and would rather wait for her child's father to pick her up.

Kathryn and her brother, frustrated with Kela's drunkenness, hop in the car with their ride and leave Kela on a busy highway to fend for herself.

When she was safely in the seat of her ride heading home, Kathryn posted a status on Facebook saying, "I CANT DO NO DRUNK B*TCHES!" 

As she was posting this, Kela took off running in the fast lane of the highway and was struck by a vehicle driving 60mph at 3:47 am. She was later pronounced dead on the scene. California's first responders shut the highway down for the remainder of the day. 😢

Later in the day, Kathryn gets word that Kela was struck by a car and killed, so she posts a series of photos of she and Kela from the day prior of them hanging out with a caption that reads, "REST UP BABY GIRL 😢💔."

Here's a video of Katherine explaining ing what she did what she did