Ratchet American Females Cause INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT . . . Go On 'TWERK RAMPAGE' In South Korea Subway!! (VIDEO)

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There's an international incident going on in South Korea - after a group of women went on what is being described as a "twerk rampage" in the subway system.

Three African American females went on a rampage on a South Korean subway last week. The Korea Times reports say that the females made racist gestures and injuring a man’s face. After the attack - the girls started "twerking."

According to the report, the incident started when a Korean man asked the trio to be quiet.

The three Americans responded by raging around the train, swearing and bloodying the man’s nose. One of the women appears to twerk mockingly at the other passengers. One of the three was a 32-year-old English teacher working at a “hagwon” school where Korean students cram to improve their test scores.

“The three were sober at that time ― one was found to be an English teacher from an academy in Gangnam,” a police spokesperson told the paper.

Reactions to the video have brought out all of the alt-rights. Some refer to the women as "nig-nogs" while others are calling America the "laughing stock of the world."

We love a good twerk, but the violence was unnecessary.

Here is the video of the girl's TWERK rampage.