TV host and pop culture reporter Touré was accused of s*xually harassing a make-up artist yesterday. The woman, who worked with Toure in 2017, exposed him after watching Touré speak about his participation in the Lifetime documentary 'Surviving R. Kelly.'

Touré spoke out about the woman's claims yesterday, and apologized to her publicly.

Touré tells Essence,

“On the show, our team, including myself, engaged in edgy, crass banter, that at the time I did not think was offensive for our tight-knit group.

I am sorry for my language and for making her feel uncomfortable in any way. As a lead on the show, I should have refrained from this behavior. I have learned and grown from this experience.”

Here's what the woman claimed that Toure did:


The woman also claimed that Toure is bisexual, and that he s*xually harassed a male staffer on the show.

Touré interviewed R. Kelly for BET in 2008, shortly after Kelly was acquitted on child pornography charges. In the interview, Touré asked Kelly, “Do you like teenage girls?” to which Kelly responded, “When you say teenage, how old are we talking?” Touré reflected on the experience in a Daily Beast essay in 2017. He also spoke about the BET interview in “Surviving R. Kelly.”

As Jezebel notes, actor/comedian Terry Crews—who has been an advocate for sexual assault survivors and opened up publicly about his own experience being groped by a Hollywood executive—announced yesterday (January 10) that he had canceled a scheduled appearance on Touré's podcast.