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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Raleigh Durham United College Girl Gets THOTTED OUT During Party . . . With Two DIFFERENT GUYS . . . On The DANCE FLOOR!!!


A new viral video is being circulated online – showing a girl from Raleigh Durham United – going WAAAY overboard on the dance floor – with two different guys.

In one video, the girl sat on a man’s shoulders – with NO UNDERWEAR – and the two engage in a S*X act – in full view of the entire party. As the crowd screams and cheers the freaky duo on - the fully shaven young lady can be seen smiling before affectionately slapping the ravenous gentleman on the side of his face. She appeared to be lucid and enjoying the explicit show - making no effort to conceal her modesty!

In another video, the same girl appears to be having RELATIONS on the side of the dance floor – with another young man. The hefty male, wearing a black tee and tye dye patterned shorts, can be seen grinding on the female (whose legs are in the air) in front of the DJ Booth. Was she smashing the event DJ???

Parties are supposed to be fun. That's the point of having them. But surely have sex in front of the entire club is taking things a step too far. These snippets are circling fast - we wonder how long it'll be until her parents get wind of it.

The event was called the RDU Gym Jam: BEAUTY & THE FREAQS - and judging from these clips, the event lived up to its name. The freaks really did come out THAT night.

Here is the first video of the girl:


Here's the link to the SECOND video