Trump's Approval Rating Among BLACK People . . . As Low As 0.0%!! (Lowest EVER In History)

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Donald Trump's approval ratings among African American's may be the lowest ever of any president - in HISTORY. Seriously. Jefferson Davis - the racist pro slavery southern presidential candidate likely had MORE Black people supporting him . .. than Trump has now.

A new poll from ABC News shows that just about EVERY SINGLE BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA disapproves of Donald Trump. In the new ABC News poll, it found that- if you you account for the "margin of error" - as little as ZERO percent of Black people "approved" of Donald Trump's presidency so far.

It's not really "zero" as we know it. Under the rules of statistics, if less than 4,600 Black people of the 46 million Blacks in America approve of Donald Trump - then for statistics purposes - 0.0% of Blacks support Trump.

The "official" support number was a paltry 3% - but he polls margin of error was also 3%.