Trump Supporting PARENTS Arrested . . . Daughter Found Walking Alone On The FREEWAY!! (Yes . . . They Really ARE Trump Supporters . . . DETAILS)


A West Virginia couple, 25-year-old Tammie L. Gibson and 32-year-old Robert R. Hayes, are facing charges after a 23-month-old toddler was found wandering along a busy freeway. The parents were charged with neglect creating a risk of serious bodily injury.

The little girl was found walking alongside the Freeway wearing only a diaper.

Luckily people stopped and assisted the child - while calling police.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators went to a residence nearby. The investigator noticed the door was open and walked inside. A small boy was home and deputies asked him if his parents were home. He said they were asleep. Deputies asked the boy to wake them up.

Police found the parents inside, and they were later arrested.

According to a local report, the parents had a "Make America Great" Donald Trump sticker on their door.