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Trump Supporter Stabs Cop Over Wearing Mask; Shot 16 Times! (Video)

A man that is being described as a Donald Trump Supporter, was shot and killed yesterday after allegedly stabbing a man who asked him to wear a mask.


Michigan police confirmed yesterday with MTO News that a man was fatally shot by a Michigan sheriff’s deputy after stabbing another man who had challenged him about not wearing a mask at a store.

Michigan's governor has ordered people to wear masks in stores to reduce the risk of the coronavirus. President Trump, however, has urged his supporters not to do so.

The attacker in the video is believed to have shouted "Make America Great Again," and "Donald Trump" as he stabbed his victim.

The shooting occurred just outside of Lansing, Michigan and police say a sheriff’s deputy shot him when he tried to attack her with his knife.

In the below video, the officer arrived on the scene, and draws her weapon. Then, the crazed Trump supporter charges at her, and she unloads the clip on the right-wing maniac.

The 43-year-old Trump supporter died at a hospital. The 77-year-old stabbing victim is in stable condition.