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Jeffery Epstein, a former associate of Trump has finally been arrested on Charges of sex trafficking minors.

Epstein, who is already a convicted sex offender, was arrested Saturday in New York on sex-trafficking charges. He is known for his ties to President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton.

Epstein previously pleaded guilty to a charge of soliciting prostitution from a minor after agreeing to a plea deal, which stopped a federal investigation. He allegedly paid dozens of underage girls to perform sexual acts and was facing life in prison. He served just 13 months in jail and was allowed to go to his office to work six days a week during his sentence.

Epstein, 66, is being charged with sex trafficking minors between 2002 and 2005. He's set to appear in federal court on Monday. 

Lawyer David Boies, who represents some of the accusers, told The Daily Beast that he is pleased with the news of his arrest.

“It is an important step toward getting justice for the many victims of Mr. Epstein’s sex trafficking enterprise,’’ Boies said. “We hope that prosecutors will not stop with Mr. Epstein because there were many other people who participated with him and made the sex trafficking possible.’’