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Troy Ave claims that police block his shows because of his past involvement in a high profile shooting.

Ave was the victim of a shooting back in 2016 where he was charged with attempted murder after a shooting at a T.I. concert. Since then, popular podcaster Taxstone has been arrested for the shooting but many accused Ave of being a snitch.

The New York spitter is still feeling the fallout from the shooting. Speaking to XXL, he said:

"Yeah, the police block my shows. They’ll show up or tell the club, “We’re going to hit you with all kinds of fines.” Every time somebody tries to book me, they say, “We’ll shut the block down for four blocks and we’ll search every car that comes here.” They say that I’m going to bring a violent crowd and it’s not true. I’ve been performing for three years prior to the incident and now I’ve been performing outside of New York for another two years. It’s an isolated incident. And then the news that people get to see is painted so crazy. People still have an image in their mind."

He continued: 

"They think that Troy Ave came into a club and just started shooting. That’s not true. They don’t see later on when the FBI report comes out and that the real story is that, no, Troy Ave was shot. He got shot twice. His best friend got shot and killed. Troy Ave wrestled the gun away from the shooter and then he was trying to leave out. I wasn’t coming into the room on the video. I was leaving out of the room and there was somebody right there in my way. The same person who just shot me. So what am I supposed to do? You feel me? Instead of getting painted as a hero, I get painted as a villain and that’s just not true. Look, the FBI report is out. Troy Ave never brought no guns into no club. Why do I have all of these restrictions? I can’t go into a club with more than six or 10 people. That’s crazy. Those are my restrictions, but I don’t complain about it. I don’t talk about it. I just be like whatever. If I touch on it in the music, I do. The silver lining is that me being on all of these crazy restrictions and everything made me tighten up in life. At any events, I roll with professional security, not no homies and all that."

He claims the incident helped him figure out who was a true friend and who wasn't. He claimed that after being shot in both legs, he had to go to rehab to learn how to walk again.

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