Troy Ave sat down for an interview recently, where he pointed the finger at podcast Taxstone over the infamous Irving Plaza shootout - and says the cops should just let him go.

"S##t, everybody knows what happened. It ain't even nothing to argue. It's right there, the proof is in the pudding. The proof is in black and white paperwork, in the FBI paperwork. I don't even have to argue anything, it's there. They see that it's not my gun, I never brought no gun in the club. DNA evidence proves that, so where'd I get it from?," he told AllHipHop.

Back in June, 2017, Taxstone pleaded guilty to weapons charges stemming from a fatal shooting at a T.I. concert at Irving Plaza according to a spokesman for the Manhattan federal prosecutor’s office.

"I got it from the assailant [Taxstone]. I didn't make this up, we didn't splice the genetics on the one gun. They should just free Troy Ave. If this were to happen somewhere else, I would have been a hero. Because if you look at it, I saved mad people from getting shot. There's three other victims, more people could have died. If I didn't do what I did, fought the gun away and wrestled — it's fight or flight. I chose to fight."

Troy then says that he should be hailed as a hero, and blames the media for the way the story was portrayed.

"I went head-on with a gunman and by the grace of God, took the gun out his hand. So why am I not looked at as a hero? Why am I not praised like "wow this guy did something heroic."

Troy is also facing time over the incident.