Troy Ave: Meek Mill Should Stop Talkin' About 6ix9ine Unless He's Going To Kill Him!!

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Troy Ave is once again speaking about Tekashi 6ix9ine on his podcast -- this time he says he thinks Meek Mill should stop speaking about Tekashi 6ix9ine unless he's going to kill him.

"Why the f*ck is Meek Mill going so hard on 6ix9ine? If you ain't about to about kill that n*gga when you see him, don't say sh*t," Troy Ave said to Boskoe100.

"It don't matter, and then he say 'yeah and Nipsey said, and Nipsey said.' N*gga, what the f*ck do Nipsey got to do with this sh*t?, Nothing at all. If that's a fact, there's a n*gga sitting in jail that killed Nipsey. Bail that n*gga out and kill him on the streets, if n*ggas are really on some sh*t."

Like Tekashi, Troy Ave has been accused of snitching on incarcerated podcaster, Taxstone. He has been fighting to shake the "rat" label -- but the streets have been unforgiving.