Troy Ave: Me & Fabolous F*cked All Of Joe Budden's GF's!!

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Troy Ave is trying to take over the podcasting game -- and during an episode of his The Facto Show podcast, he claims that he and rapper Fabolous smashed every girl that Budden has ever loved.

"The main thing that makes that n*gga emotional because I want to say Me and Fab f*cked all the woman that he's ever loved in his life. Between the two of us. Maybe it's like Desert Storm thing when he might go at Fab, might throw a little shot at me," he continued.

"It's cool. Just know I didn't forget. I can forgive, because you an emotional person. I don't f*ck with no emotional sh*t. But I ain't forget -- repent now, or there's going to be hell to pay."

We doubt very much that Budden cares about a warning from Troy Ave. Is he mentioning this smoke with Budden to create a buzz for his podcast or nah?