Troy Ave Hits Back At Mysonne For Calling Him A Snitch!!

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Rappers Troy Ave and Mysonne have been going back and forth on Twitter -- the most recent exchange ignited by Mysonne calling Troy Ave a snitch.

A follower accused Mysonne of supporting frauds, Troy responded, "He need to activate his momma out the hood, give ya EBT to the fukin essential workers . go stand up for can drivers rights , and pay back that $63 dollars u stole Mice."

When Mysonne responded, Troy commented, "Remember when Nuke pressed u outside of Starlets & u copped a plea bout Me," Troy tweeted. "U owe me say thank U! Remember when u cried in court after u robbed that poor immigrant cab driver, where was ya integrity? Remember Nvmd, u and Ya momma suck a dick in the hood! #StayPoor #NoPaperWork”

Mysonne had a lot to say about Troy's interviews on The Breakfast Club. It is widely assumed that it was Troy's testimony to the cops, which led to the arrest of popular podcaster, Taxstone.