Troy Ave Drops 'Junkie Joe' Diss Track

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Troy Ave is doing whatever he can to boost his podcast ratings (usually dissing Joe Budden), but now he's released a full diss track titled "Junkie Joe."

The rapper, who allegedly snitched on incarcerated podcaster, Taxstone, has repeatedly accused Budden of being on drugs on his platform and even challenged him to take a drug test a few weeks back.

"OVO unruly, hateful and you moody/ It all makes sense now 'cause hoes was playing with your booty/ Stop pointing fingers, that's a very funny joke/ But you really had two fingers in your ass and that's a quote/ I challenged you to a drug test, you was like 'No!'/ Then you challenged me to a fight, I said 'N*gga let's go!"

It all reeks of desperation. Budden is retired from rap and will likely not hop on a track to respond -- he'll most probably roast "duke" on his podcast.