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Tristan Thompson is reportedly trying to get Khloe Kardashian back following the cheating scandal with Jordyn Woods.

Following the backlash, Tristan did not immediately try and work things out with the mother of his daughter, True. He was even snapped out and about with another woman and had reportedly not tried to even see his daughter now.

But according to HollywoodLife, Tristan is finally ready to right his wrongs and win her back.

“The reality of everything he is losing with Khloe and True is sinking in for Tristan, its hitting him now and hitting him hard. He’s realized he doesn’t want to lose his family,” a friend of Tristan’s told HL. “He knows it will be a hard battle but he is up for the challenge of getting Khloe to forgive him. He wants his family back. He has already started laying the groundwork. He’s been calling Khloe a lot more. He’ll FaceTime with True and then use that chance to talk to Khloe too."

Since the scandal broke, social media turned on Khloe after she tried to pile all of the blame onto Jordyn - rather than her baby daddy. After Jordyn's chat with Jada Pinkett-Smith's 'Red Table Talk,' Jordyn's career seems to be at an all-time high while folks appear to be over Khloe's tears.

“Once his NBA season is over though, Tristan is really going to step it up, his goal is to get her to go away for a romantic vacation with him. He wants to show her how sorry he really is. He hasn’t asked her yet, she’s still too angry with him but he is that in a few more weeks of talking every day they’ll be at a place where she’ll agree to go, that’s his plan,” the source added.

At this point, we think Khloe should let him go. He's humiliated her in the worst way at least twice since they've been together.