Tristan Thompson 'Open' To Making Embryos With Khloe Kardashian

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It looks like Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian could be bringing another baby into the world, as the NBA player said that he'd be "open" to giving Khloe his sperm for an embryo.

"After my doctor's appointment, I talked to Tristan because if you can create embryos and do all the DNA testing, I do think that's the smarter choice," Khloe told her sisters. "But it's weird because, Tristan and I, we're not together. I don't know which way to go." 

She talked to Tristan about it who said, "I'm open to doing that and down to doing that -- Whatever is going to make you feel comfortable and also feel safest and everything like that, that's what I'm on board with."

Khloe later says, "I have no idea what my future holds for Tristan and I, but I really think I will feel a lot better knowing, OK, I have 5 embryos in a freezer if I want to use them I have them there," Khloe says.